It’s never too late to start building resilience!

It’s never too late to start building resilience and disruption readiness in your organization! To improve your ability to bounce back from the next disruption to normal, consider these tips for building skills in each of the five resilience elements:

1. Aware: Take time to poll team members about where they see strengths and weaknesses in your team and organization. Ask about what their concerns are – what keeps them up at night? – regarding things that could impact your ability to deliver mission-critical programs and services. With your list, correlate how your organization’s strengths can act as a first line of defense against some of those worries and fill the gaps where weaknesses were found.

2. Diverse: Watch the video short ‘Using Resilience for Client Support and Service’ to learn practical tips for identifying critical functions and processes and planning redundancies (both in systems and personnel) for these mission-critical activities.

3. Integrated: If resource guarding exists in your organization, start asking, “Why?” Determine if the information kept under lock-and-key is protecting your mission or putting up barriers to its proliferation. Adjust your communication channels if necessary!

4. Self-Regulating: Make a practice of harnessing lessons learned from past disruptions. Soon after normal operations resume, look at what process worked well and which need fine-tuning to help your team shift and pivot effortlessly.

Watch the on-demand webinar ‘Each One Teach One: Integrating Lessons Learned from Crisis Events and Disruptions’ for practical ways your agency can harness lessons learned!

5. Adaptive: Make crafting a business continuity plan and communicating the “who, how, and where” of its essential information to team members.

Read the article on ‘Agency Continuity Planning’ and visit My Business Continuity Plan to get started drafting your plan!